Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm still alive people!

Hello world! Omg, it's been such a long timeeeeee since i last update! I don't know how many backdated post do I have now.. phew! I will slowly slowly post those backdated post ya?
I've been working for the forth months now.. everything still goes on smoothly. I feel freaking stressed over the past few months, and so NOW.I cried for nights, i feel so freaking stressed and i do not know who to tell. This feeling is so suck ya. I'm now know how the elder says .. working is tough .. earning money is hard.' Until now, I have realized abt that. I'm slowly get myself into this accounting firm .. i know that there's a lot more to come .. I'm still YOUNG .. there's many many things i still have to come through ... i keep telling myself i can't quit in the halfway. i feel LUCKY to have such loving and friendly colleagues too .. they won't giving up teaching me, but I'm sure they feel fed up too sometimes, when i ask too much things. hahahaa

Hoooray! I'm finally 19, hahahahahahaha. This year birthday was celebrated in different way, not going out for dinner, but going to other places - TRAVELLING! With who? BB! hahahaha, yeap. We went to KL for 4 days 3 nights. this trip is definitely the makan makan and shopping trip. I shopped till i'm drop ! hahahahaha .. and we celebrated my birthday at Jogoya. Best of the best i should say. And we celebrated his 22nd birthday at Damai Puri last weekend. Enjoy and fun i should say!

Alright, might post up those pictures when I'm free.

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Annie Q said...

FINALLY there is some update here. Hopefully we won't wait too long for your next post.